[Pacemaker] Error with pacemaker not passing parameters to the RA

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at clusterbau.com
Wed Nov 10 14:07:24 EST 2010


My cluster shows some strange errors. I (read: "the custumer") want to create 
some strange constraints for my cluster. First of all, I want to run the DRBD 
master only on a node that has a specific attribute set DRBD_Master.

Second the filesystem should be mounted to different directories on the different 

So I have the following configuration:

primitive resDRBD ocf:linbit:drbd \
	params drbd_resource="r0"
xml <primitive class="ocf" id="resFS" provider="heartbeat" type="Filesystem"> 
	<instance_attributes id="resFS-instance_attributes-node1" score="3"> \
		<rule id="rule-FS-node1" score="INFINITY"> \
			<expression attribute="#uname" id="exp-node1" operation="eq" 
value="node1"/> \
		</rule> \
		<nvpair id="resFS-instance_attributes-device-1" name="device" 
value="/dev/drbd0"/> \
		<nvpair id="resFS-instance_attributes-fstype-1" name="fstype" 
value="ext4"/> \
		<nvpair id="resFS-instance_attributes-directory-1" name="directory" 
value="/mnt/dir1"/> \
	</instance_attributes> \
	<instance_attributes id="resFS-instance_attributes-node2" score="2"> \
		<rule id="rule-FS-node2" score="INFINITY"> \
			<expression attribute="#uname" id="exp-node2" operation="eq" 
value="node2"/> \
		</rule> \
		<nvpair id="resFS-instance_attributes-device-2" name="device" 
value="/dev/drbd0"/> \
		<nvpair id="resFS-instance_attributes-fstype-2" name="fstype" 
value="ext4"/> \
		<nvpair id="resFS-instance_attributes-directory-2" name="directory" 
value="/mnt/dir2"/> \
	</instance_attributes> \
ms msDRBD resDRBD \
	meta notify="true"
location locDRBD msDRBD \
	rule $id="locDRBD-rule" $role="Master" -inf: not_defined DRBD_Master
colocation col_FS_DRBD inf: resFS:Started msDRBD:Master
order ord_DRBD_FS inf: msDRBD:promote resFS:start

corosync starts and both DRBDs are secondaries. The cluster also checks resFS 
and answers:

Failed actions
resFS_monitor_ (node=node1, call=13, rc=2, status=complete): invalid parameter

The same happens reproducably when I cleanup the resource resFS. I debugged a 
little bit a found out that pacemaker does not pass any parameters to the 
resource agent. All variables OCF_RESKEY... are empty.

When I add the attribute to the node (attrd_updater ...) are cleanup the 
rescource resFS everything works as expected.

I have pacemaker version 1.0.9-1

Is my problem the same that was described in bug #2458? Or is it something 


Dr. Michael Schwartzkopff
Guardinistr. 63
81375 München

Tel: (0163) 172 50 98
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