[Pacemaker] Question about fix for bug 2477

Bob Schatz bschatz at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 21:09:32 EST 2010

I am using of Pacemaker.

I have applied the fix for bug 2477 and it is not working for me.
I started with this:  # crm_mon -n -1 ============ Last updated: Mon Nov  8 
09:49:07 2010 Stack: Heartbeat Current DC: mgraid-mkp00009010repk-0 
(f4e5e15c-d06b-4e37-89b9-4621af05128f) - partition with quorum Version: 
1.0.9-89bd754939df5150de7cd76835f98fe90851b677 2 Nodes configured, unknown 
expected votes 4 Resources configured. ============  Node 
mgraid-mkp00009010repk-0 (f4e5e15c-d06b-4e37-89b9-4621af05128f): online         
SSMKP00009010REPK:0     (ocf::omneon:ss) Master         icms:0  (lsb:S53icms) 
Started         mgraid-stonith:0        (stonith:external/mgpstonith) Started         
omserver:0      (lsb:S49omserver) Started Node mgraid-mkp00009010repk-1 
(856c1f72-7cd1-4906-8183-8be87eef96f2): online         omserver:1      
(lsb:S49omserver) Started         SSMKP00009010REPK:1     (ocf::omneon:ss) Slave         
icms:1  (lsb:S53icms) Started         mgraid-stonith:1        
(stonith:external/mgpstonith) Started  This is the output I received:  # 
./crm_resource -r ms-SSMKP00009010REPK -W resource ms-SSMKP00009010REPK is 
running on: mgraid-mkp00009010repk-0 resource ms-SSMKP00009010REPK is running 
on: mgraid-mkp00009010repk-1
The bug fix adds this check:
     if((the_rsc->variant == pe_native) && (the_rsc->role == RSC_ROLE_MASTER)) {          
state = "Master";      }      fprintf(stdout, "resource %s is running on: %s 
%s\n",                  rsc, node->details->uname, state); 

When I dump the_rsc with the debugger I see that the_rsc->variant is pe_master 
and not pe_native.

Also, the_rsc->role is RSC_ROLE_STOPPED.  This is even if I use the original 
crm_resource.c.  The complete dump of the the_rsc structure is:

(gdb) print *the_rsc
$2 = {id = 0x64d260 "ms-SSMKP00009010REPK", clone_name = 0x0,
  long_name = 0x64d280 "ms-SSMKP00009010REPK", xml = 0x634ca0, ops_xml = 0x0, 
parent = 0x0,
  variant_opaque = 0x64d6a0, variant = pe_master, fns = 0x7f8496b67f00, cmds = 
  recovery_type = recovery_stop_start, restart_type = pe_restart_ignore, 
priority = 0, stickiness = 0,
  sort_index = 0, failure_timeout = 0, effective_priority = 0, 
migration_threshold = 1000000,
  flags = 262418, rsc_cons_lhs = 0x0, rsc_cons = 0x0, rsc_location = 0x0, 
actions = 0x0,
  allocated_to = 0x0, running_on = 0x658060, known_on = 0x0, allowed_nodes = 
  role = RSC_ROLE_STOPPED, next_role = RSC_ROLE_MASTER, meta = 0x648990, 
parameters = 0x648940,
  children = 0x610280}

Any idea why this can happen?

Is there another fix I need for to make this change work?




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