[Pacemaker] Cluster Shutdown

Samuel CUELLA samuel.cuella at nalya.fr
Thu Nov 4 06:01:29 EDT 2010

  Hi List,

I'm currently trying to implement a complete cluster shutdown to react 
to a 'catastrophic' failure like a power outage.
The problem is that if I try to shut it down node by nodes, resources 
are migrated. Of course, this is the correct behavior.

I searched the internet and the official clusterlabs documentation and 
the only thing a found is a manual procedure to upgrade the
cluster engine 
However, it's not what I'm looking for.
I'd like the cluster nodes to be instructed that a shutdown procedure is 
ongoing and therefore that there is no need to start migrating resources
over and over.

I know that Novell as addressed this issue in NCS (Novell Cluster 
Services). A 'cluster shutdown' command will do the trick.
Is there such a feature in Pacemaker/Heartbeat that I missed ?
If not, is there plans to implement this on the pacemaker roadmap ?


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