[Pacemaker] making resource managed

Vadim S. Khondar v.khondar at o3.ua
Wed Nov 3 14:53:27 EDT 2010

Hello everyone.

How can I take the resource back into managed state after it becomes
unmanaged due to error?

For example, I have following situation:

crm(live)# status
Last updated: Wed Nov  3 20:23:58 2010
Stack: Heartbeat
Current DC: ha-3 (a1ad8f56-7eb0-4aec-8d32-83e283903879) - partition with
Version: 1.0.9-89bd754939df5150de7cd76835f98fe90851b677
2 Nodes configured, unknown expected votes
2 Resources configured.

Online: [ ha-3 ha-4 ]

 test_ManageVE (ocf::heartbeat:ManageVE): Started ha-3 (unmanaged)

 test2_ManageVE (ocf::heartbeat:ManageVE): Started ha-3 (unmanaged)

Failed actions:
    test_ManageVE_stop_0 (node=ha-3, call=22, rc=-2, status=Timed Out):
unknown exec error
    test2_ManageVE_stop_0 (node=ha-3, call=23, rc=-2, status=Timed Out):
unknown exec error

After this I've tried to do:
resource cleanup test_ManageVE
resource reprobe test_ManageVE
resource refresh test_ManageVE
resource manage test_ManageVE

However, I still see "Failed actions" in status and can't start/stop
resources via crm.

If I do crm# configure edit, change something and commit changes,
resources are started/moved/etc as in normal operation. The same thing
is when I fetch/apply xml via cibadmin.

All that made me think that I've missed something in documentation which
explains such behavior.

Could anyone point me to explanation?
Vadim S. Khondar

v.khondar at o3.ua

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