[Pacemaker] clones with regular resources

Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Tue Nov 2 08:05:29 EDT 2010


On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 01:51:18PM -0700, Alan Jones wrote:
> I'm trying to configure a simple resource that depends on a local clone.
> The configuration is below.
> For those familiar with the Veritas Cluster Server, I'm trying to get
> something like permanent resources.
> Unfortunately, the simple resource (foo) will not start until *both* bar
> clones are up.

I think that you need to use the interleave meta attribute with
the clones.



> The documentation says:
> "Colocation of a regular (or group) resource with a clone means that the
> resource can run on any machine with an active copy of the clone."
> Which seems to suggest what I want to do, however, it also says:
> "Ordering constraints behave slightly differently for clones. In the example
> below, apache-stats will wait until all copies of the clone that need to be
> started have done so before being started itself."
> Which describes the behavior I'm seeing and don't want.
> Any ideas?
> Alan
> ---
> primitive bar ocf:pacemaker:DummyNoStart \
>     op start timeout=90 \
>     op stop timeout=100 \
>     op monitor interval=10 on-fail=restart start-delay=10 \
>     meta failure-timeout=1 migration-threshold=0
> clone bar-clone foo-bar
> primitive foo ocf:pacemaker:DummySlow \
>     op start timeout=90 \
>     op stop timeout=100 \
>     op monitor interval=10 timeout=600
> order foo-order mandatory: bar-clone foo
> colocation col-colo inf: foo bar-clone

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