[Pacemaker] How SuSEfirewall2 affects on openais startup?

Aleksey Zholdak aleksey at zholdak.com
Fri May 14 09:26:51 EDT 2010


 > The SUSEfirewall scripts block all external network traffic until the
 > system has started, even for internal zones I think. (This also tends to
 > affect drbd among others, if set to start via the init scripts ...)
 > If that is a SLES system, please file a bug through your support
 > contract.

Did you think that this is a _SLES_ BUG?

 >> As I understand an sbd theory each node periodically writes its status to
 >> own slot on shared partition.
 > No. Nodes only "clear" the message slot once on start-up, they do not
 > update it. The message slot is purely for dropping messages (fencing
 > requests) in.

Yes, you are totally right! I'd removed the clone and everything works fine! ;)

 >> I configure as recommended and its works fine and clear.
 > Where is it documented that it should be configured as a clone? If
 > that's still in somewhere, that should be removed.

Hewlett-Packard misleading:
You tell them about this?

 >> I can not agree that you are right and this topic describes another
 >> trouble.
 > I wrote the code, I'm pretty convinced of my assessment of the situation
 > ;-)

I am very confused, because you are sbd developer... Sorry.

Thank you for advice!


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