[Pacemaker] Active/passive cluster with Apache and drbd on rhel 5

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Mon Jul 5 05:44:29 EDT 2010

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 10:14 AM,  <pierre.casenove at almerys.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm currently studying how to set up a 2 node cluster running apache 2.2 as
> a reverse proxy using corosync, pacemaker and drbd on RHEL 5.5.
> I've downloaded:
> - Clusters from scratch PDF (which is perfect... but for fedora 13 which
> includes DRBD in the kernel)
> - the yum repo: http://www.clusterlabs.org/rpm/epel-5/clusterlabs.repo
> As DRBD is not included in RHEL 5, I've launched the following command:
> yum install drbd

YOu shouldn't grab drbd from the clusterlabs repo.
It was a failed experiment that has since been dropped.

> It works perfectly... but when installing drbd, the package drbd-xen is
> marked as a dependancy, resulting in the XEN kernel being installed on the
> RHEL 5 box. This is not a big issue, but I would prefer not to install XEN
> on the box.

I think this is just how the upstream spec file works.

> Is it possible?
> Thanks in advance, and excuse my english mistakes,
> Pierre
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