[Pacemaker] Question Regarding Ping Node - Pingd

Rainer Lutz rainer.lutz at realtech.com
Fri Jul 16 05:40:58 EDT 2010

Dear all,

i have a question regarding the ping nodes and the resource ocf:pacemaker:pingd
or ocf:pacemaker:ping

I configured the resource ping on one of my two nodes. Pointing the resource ( 
to a virtual ip adress i configured with hb_gui. XML:

<primitive class="ocf" id="Ressource_ping" provider="pacemaker" type="ping">
 <meta_attributes id="Ressource_ping-meta_attributes">
 <nvpair id="Ressource_ping-meta_attributes-target-role"  name="target-role"
  <operations id="Ressource_ping-operations">
  <op id="Ressource_ping-op-monitor-10" interval="10" name="monitor" timeout="60"/>
   <instance_attributes id="Ressource_ping-instance_attributes">
   <nvpair id="Ressource_ping-instance_attributes-host_list" name="host_list"

Now if the stop the virtual IP Adress with the hb_gui the resource still shows
"green lights"

Am i missing here something?

Kind regards,


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