[Pacemaker] One or a few dedicated installations

Martin Spuetz martin at spuetz.net
Thu Jul 8 06:40:35 EDT 2010

Hi Martin,

thank you for your email.

On 22.06.2010 16:21, martin.braun at icw.de wrote:
>> My question is: Should I use one "big" pacemaker with "many" resources
>> and a location constraint for the active/passive clusters? Or do you
>> recommend to use a separated pacemaker installation per active/passive
>> cluster?
> You should use crm configure symmetric-cluster="false" and location 
> preferences for the services on each host.

I configured 4 hosts with different services. It's working but I'm
getting "not installed" messages.

Do you have any news on the problem mentioned here?


Best regards,

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