[Pacemaker] Possible bug with ibmrsa stonith resource

Claude.Durocher at mcccf.gouv.qc.ca Claude.Durocher at mcccf.gouv.qc.ca
Wed Jul 7 16:09:51 EDT 2010

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I'm using the latest version of the external/ibmrsa stonith resource. When
I start or monitor the ressource, the log file is filled with error
messages :

Jul  6 14:04:56 server03 external/ibmrsa[1667]: [1678]: ERROR:
Jul  6 14:04:59 server03 external/ibmrsa[1680]: [2109]: ERROR:
Jul  6 14:05:00 server03 external/ibmrsa[2296]: [2307]: ERROR:
Jul  6 14:05:00 server03 stonith-ng: [6509]: info: log_operation: Operation
'monitor' [1665] for device 'stonith-server02' returned: 0

At the begenning of the script, a check for a temp file is done and if
found, the output is sent to the log file. I think the output to the ha_log
file should be removed :

replace : trap 'if [ -n "$outf" ]; then ha_log.sh err "`cat $outf`"; rm -f
"$outf"; fi' 0
by : trap 'if [ -n "$outf" ]; then rm -f "$outf"; fi' 0
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