[Pacemaker] Problem with failover/failback under Ubuntu

Dan Frincu dfrincu at streamwide.ro
Tue Jul 6 07:26:24 EDT 2010

As I can see from your config, you haven't specified whether it's an symmetric or assymetric cluster, the default is symmetric, which means you need to add some location constraints for each resource + the group. Also you need to specify a colocation constraint. This is on top of what is already configured.
Choose one of the ms-opennms-*, say ms-opennms-data and add the dependencies group as colocation constraint on it. Something like:
- colocation all-dependencies inf: dependencies ms-opennms-data:Master


Ok, that almost solved the problem.
But now the Filesystem primitives run in an endless loop.
The get unmounted and mounted again.

> > therefore Pacemaker attempts to
> > mount the filesystem without having the DRBD 
> > resource in a Primary state

Hm, until now I thought this is handled by
the 3 "order" restrictions.

I see I have to find out which intervalls and timeouts I need to adjust.
Thanks for giving me a hint to the right direction so quickly.

If you have some other ideas to improve the config, just let me now.

Cheers, Sven

Systems Engineer

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