[Pacemaker] Upgraded mysql from 5.0 to 5.1

Jake Bogie jbogie at SureSource.com
Fri Jul 2 17:18:22 EDT 2010

Receiving this error when running crm status...the only thing I can
think of is that since the upgrade to MySQL 5.1 the service name was
changed from mysqld to mysql.

Any thoughts on how to correct it?

Failed actions:
    mysqld_monitor_0 (node=qad01, call=4, rc=5, status=complete): not

[root at qad01 ~]# crm status
Last updated: Fri Jul  2 17:06:37 2010
Stack: openais
Current DC: qad01 - partition WITHOUT quorum
Version: 1.0.9-89bd754939df5150de7cd76835f98fe90851b677
2 Nodes configured, 2 expected votes
2 Resources configured.

Online: [ qad01 ]
OFFLINE: [ qad02 ]

 Resource Group: mysql
     fs_mysql   (ocf::heartbeat:Filesystem):    Started qad01
     ip_mysql   (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2):       Started qad01
     mysqld     (lsb:mysqld):   Stopped
 Master/Slave Set: ms_drbd_mysql
     Masters: [ qad01 ]
     Stopped: [ drbd_mysql:1 ]

Failed actions:
    mysqld_monitor_0 (node=qad01, call=4, rc=5, status=complete): not

[root at qad01 ~]# crm configure show
node qad01
node qad02
primitive drbd_mysql ocf:linbit:drbd \
        params drbd_resource="QADB" \
        op monitor interval="15s"
primitive fs_mysql ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem \
        params device="/dev/drbd0" directory="/drbd" fstype="ext3" \
        meta target-role="Started"
primitive ip_mysql ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 \
        params ip="" nic="eth0" \
        meta target-role="Started"
primitive mysqld lsb:mysqld \
        meta target-role="Started"
group mysql fs_mysql ip_mysql mysqld
ms ms_drbd_mysql drbd_mysql \
        meta master-max="1" master-node-max="1" clone-max="2"
clone-node-max="1" notify="true" target-role="Started"
colocation mysql_on_drbd inf: mysql ms_drbd_mysql:Master
order mysql_after_drbd inf: ms_drbd_mysql:promote mysql:start
property $id="cib-bootstrap-options" \
        dc-version="1.0.9-89bd754939df5150de7cd76835f98fe90851b677" \
        cluster-infrastructure="openais" \
        no-quorum-policy="ignore" \
        stonith-enabled="false" \
rsc_defaults $id="rsc-options" \

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