[Pacemaker] crm tab completion issue after upgrade to 1.0.7

Patrick Zwahlen paz at navixia.com
Fri Jan 22 05:07:25 EST 2010

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out why tab-tab completion doesn't work anymore after
upgrading from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7

I am running pacemaker 1.0.7/corosync 1.2.0 on CentOS 5.4 x86_64 (All RPM)

When I enter the 'crm', tab-tab gives me a list of the top-level options. Good !

If I type 'node'+tab-tab, I get nothing.

If I type 'node help'+enter, I get the list of node's subcommand.

If I now type 'node'+tab-tab again, I get correct completion ! Any clue why this
didn't work at the first place ?

Thanks for any hint, and have a nice day everyone. - Patrick -

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