[Pacemaker] DRBD Management Console 0.6.0

Cristian Mammoli - Apra Sistemi c.mammoli at apra.it
Sun Feb 28 10:52:36 EST 2010

Rasto Levrinc wrote:

> It should work with different providers for sure. One thing that DRBD-MC
> requires is that the resource agent implements meta-data argument, so this
> could be the problem, or something in the meta-data.
> So e.g.
> OCF_ROOT=/usr/lib/ocf /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/apra/w2003R2-1 meta-data
> should print out valid xml, describing itself and its parameters.

The script was buggy indeed: if called without the required variables 
set it hang indefinitely. Now it0s fixed but still it doesn't work in DMC:

[root at srvha01 ~]# OCF_ROOT=/usr/lib/ocf 
/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/apra/VMwareVM meta-data
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE resource-agent SYSTEM "ra-api-1.dtd">
<resource-agent name="vmwarevm">
<longdesc lang="en">
OCF compliant script to control vmware server 2.0 virtual machines.
<shortdesc lang="en">VMWare server 2.0 resource agent</shortdesc>

<parameter name="vmxpath" unique="0" required="1">
<longdesc lang="en">
VMX configuration file path
<shortdesc lang="en">VMX file path</shortdesc>
<content type="string"/>

<parameter name="vimshbin" unique="0" required="1">
<longdesc lang="en">
vmware-vim-cmd executable path
<shortdesc lang="en">vmware-vimsh path</shortdesc>
<content type="string" default="/usr/bin/vmware-vim-cmd"/>

<action name="start"        timeout="900" />
<action name="stop"         timeout="900" />
<action name="monitor"      timeout="30" interval="300" depth="0" 
start-delay="60" />
<action name="meta-data"    timeout="5" />

APPWARNING: w2003R2-1: could not find hb script
APPWARNING: w2003R2-4: could not find hb script
APPWARNING: w2003R2-2: could not find hb script
APPWARNING: w2003R2-3: could not find hb script

Thanks for the hint anyway

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