[Pacemaker] book on Pacemaker / Xen / OCFS2 /cLVM and so on.

Sander van Vugt mail at sandervanvugt.nl
Sat Feb 27 08:39:27 EST 2010

> Looks good on a first glance, so thanks for that.
> Only, well, drbd 0.7.22 ...  that's a bit dated meanwhile...
> Why does it always have to be what "shipped" with some "enterprise"
> distribution almost four years ago :(
As you might have seen, it's in an appendix. The appendix is reserved
for less relevant material that is appreciated by some anyway.

> I did not check yet how dated the rest of the
> presented components is?
Hope SLES 11 with HAE, pathced up to feb. 8th 2010 is not too dated?



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