[Pacemaker] cli configuration and resource sets

Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Fri Feb 19 07:33:27 EST 2010


On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 01:06:38PM +0100, Cristian Mammoli - Apra Sistemi wrote:
> Dejan Muhamedagic wrote:
> >Sorry, didn't read careful enough, was distracted by the actions
> >in the description. Yes, you need both the order and the
> >collocation.
> >>Basically what I want to achieve is the same behaviour of an
> >>unordered group of heartbeat 2.1.4.
> >
> >Why don't you keep the unordered group?
> Uhm, in heartbeat 2.1.4 i could specify "collocated=true/false" and
> "ordered="true/false" for the groups. As I said I nedd an unordered,
> collocated group.
> In pacemaker I didn't find a way to specify this options for group
> (through the gui or the cli). According to the docs:
> One of the most common elements of a cluster is a set of resources
> that need to be located together, start sequentially and stop in the
> reverse order. To simplify this configuration we support the concept
> of groups.
> So I think all groups are collocated and ordered by design, aren't they?

Looks like you're right.

> >I'm a bit confused. You already used an unordered group and
> >resource sets. Shouldn't they do?
> In 2.1.4 I used an unordered group and I referenced it once in order
> (after filesystem) and colocation (with filesystem).
> With pacemaker, since I can't find a way to create a group
> unordered, I have to use many primitives and create an order rule
> and a colo rule for everyone of them.
> Indeed I'm trying to use resource sets to replicate the example in
> chapter 6.6.

OK, I suppose that then the resource sets would do.



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