[Pacemaker] drbd doesn't work on simple 2-node cluster.

Kees chkoehoorn at live.nl
Fri Feb 12 10:52:33 EST 2010

Hello Alexandr,

I came from a 3-node cluster, so i had  symmetric-cluster="false" 
But things did not work and I went back to a 2-node situation just to 
check if that was still working. My 2-node setup was working but with  
I forgot about it. So puting this back and removing  
target-role="Started" from the MS-resource did the trick.
As I understand when you tell the cluster it is symmetric it knows there 
are two nodes, and figuring out where to put the MS resource is not so 
But when there are more then two nodes, the cluster is not symmetric 
anymore, you have to configure where to put the MS resource as i 
understand from Andrews answer.
The thing about not to configure target-role="Started" is not clear to 
me, but i gues it has something to do the 'order' thing where the ms 
resource gets promoted.

Op 11-2-2010 11:03, Alexandr Krylovskiy schreef:
> On Wed, 10 Feb 2010 13:42:42 +0100
> Kees<chkoehoorn at live.nl>  wrote:
>> Hello Andrew/All,
>> Thanks. It works again. This is what I had running after I wanted to
>> move on to a 3-node cluster.
>> Two drbd-nodes for storage and one as a webserver via NFS.
>> So i have to set the cluster back to non-symmetric and fiddle around
>> with location constraints to get the
>> tho drbd-nodes back to where they are now. Right?
>> PS I'm a newbie to this so sorry this stupid mistake!
>> Greetings,
>> Kees Koehoorn
>   What did you do to make it work again?
>   I have similar issue.

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