[Pacemaker] clvmd could not connect to cluster manager

Sander van Vugt sander.van.vugt at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 8 15:12:29 EST 2010

On Mon, 2010-02-08 at 20:48 +0100, Sander van Vugt wrote:
> Hi,
> After it has been working for a while, the cluster I've installed to
> create a Xen HA solution, dropped dead on the floor a few days ago. I
> completely stripped it, deciding to build it up from scratch (based on
> the xml files I've saved of course), but when rebuilding it, I can't get
> the clvmd process to work anymore, it refuses to start with a message
> "clvm could not connect to cluster manager", see attached
> partial /var/log/messages, at the end it says what happens. I've also
> included relevant configuration files; cluster.xml is the result of
> cibadmin -Q > cluster.xml, then there are the config files for openais
> and lvm also. 
> Basically, there's only a few resources configured so far:
> - null-stonith, just to make the SW happy. 
> - dlm
> - clvm
> (Don't want to go any further before I get clmv working)
> I'd greatly appreciate any help I can get on this one. 
One addition: I'm running all this on SLES11, completely patched today.

> Thanks in advance,
> Sander van Vugt
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