[Pacemaker] stonith woes (ignore my other message with this title)

Sander van Vugt mail at sandervanvugt.nl
Fri Feb 26 14:45:48 EST 2010

Hi list,

My daily call for help with my stonith woes. This is a problem that I've
been struggling with for a while and I just can't get rid of it. The
basic configuration SLES 11 with HAE, configured for high availability
of xen virtual machines, using clvm as the storage backend and sbd
stonith to guarantee integrity. For those that are willing to have a
look, the output of hb_report and supportconfig (with all the required
documentation) are at http://www.sandervanvugt.nl/novellsupport 

The short situation description: I'm using sbd stonith and I've got a
stonith request roaming around in the cluster (but not being executed).
It gives messages like:

nd1 stonithd: ... tengine requests a STONITH operation RESET on node
nd1 stonithd: info: we can't manage nd2, broadcast request to other

At the same time, all my three nodes are unclean and no STONITH is
happening at all.

So basically I have two questions now:
*       Is there any way to get rid of the stonith action which
shouldn't be there?
*	Is there any way to get my nodes back to a clean status?

Thanks in advance,
Sander van Vugt

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