[Pacemaker] book on Pacemaker / Xen / OCFS2 /cLVM and so on.

Sander van Vugt mail at sandervanvugt.nl
Wed Feb 24 13:33:00 EST 2010


Here's my book on HA of Xen virtual machines. Before someone else puts
it in some newsgroups, well, I'll do that myself :-) Read the
introduction to try to understand how I want to make money out of it

I have written this book because I sincerely hate the fact that some
vendors make lots of money out of something that can be done with free
software also. I hope this is a decent starting point for what some day
can be a good alternative to VMware HA and so on.

Back to the book: there will be newer version of this book as it's
contents gets better and better. And what I hope to get back from the
list, is hints on how to make it better, basically, I'd like to know
which parts do suck and which parts don't and if possible how to improve
them. If possible, send your reactions by private mail, I don't like
looking stupid for the rest of the world ;-) 

I don't mind if this books is being put on the clusterlabs.org site,
Andrew, if you agree, please put it there. 


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