[Pacemaker] Migration over other NIC

Ingmar ingmar.beck at eccos-pro.com
Tue Feb 16 07:06:08 EST 2010

I have 2 questions:

- I have a cluster with KVM, heartbeat, pacemaker (with gui) on CentOS 5.4.
I'd like to put the migration path for the VMs from the first NIC to another.
I have seen that there is a parameter <migrateuri> ... However, I do not know how I would implement in the RA (Virtual Domain OCF heartbeat) or in the pacemaker GUI.
Who knows about it?

- I have 3 NICs (or 3 bridges) ... on which network connecting the cluster communications and the migration takes place by default? About the network port that is associated with the IP address, which in the "/ etc / hosts" is equal to the node name?
The first NIC is working on a switch ... The other two are direct links between the nodes.
Do I have to "/ etc / hosts" to implement only the IP addresses and the communication and the migration runs over the direct link?
If I swap "192.168.1.x" with "" in "/etc/hosts" communication takes place via

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