[Pacemaker] STONITH external/ssh missing on RHEL 5.5 EPEL 5.4 + ClusterLabs Repo RPM Build?

Eliot Gable egable at broadvox.com
Mon Dec 20 11:50:00 EST 2010

> That's intentional, see:
>   http://hg.linux-ha.org/glue/rev/5ef3f9370458
> You really don't want to rely on SSH STONITH in a production environment.
> Regards,
> Tim

Sure, but I'm in a lab environment at the moment without UPS-based STONITH capabilities, so having SSH STONITH working to test things out would be helpful. Also, even in production, what would be the harm of having both SSH and UPS-based STONITH available? Wouldn't more routes to STONITH a node be better?

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