[Pacemaker] colocation issues (isnt it always)

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Subject: Re: [Pacemaker] colocation issues (isnt it always)
> If you put all of them in a group and have the nfs_sdb1 as last
> resource you will manage to have what you want with a very simple
> configuration
> BTW, I used your conf and in my case all resources started on the same node
I futzed around with it some more and the problem was the nfsserver 
resource. It wasnt properly detecting that it wasnt running on the 
'nas02' node. When I first added the resource it wasnt in the colocation 
rule, so it started up on 'nas02' (or it thought it did), and then I 
added the colocation rule. Well the monitor action was reporting that 
the service was running when it really wasnt. So every time it went to 
shut it down and move it to another node, it failed cause it thought it 
was still running. I ended up writing my own script with a working 
monitor function and it moved over just fine.
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