[Pacemaker] Single Node Cluster and Resource Management

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Sat Dec 11 05:11:28 EST 2010

> now when I simulate a network failure (iptables -s web1.testcluster -j DROP)
> apache is correctly failed.  When pingd re-establishes connection the
> Apache constraint must be reversed and Apache simply started.
> how do I achieve the automatic resource restart?

it will happen whenever the pingd resource redetects network
connectivity (up to 15s later) based on your monitor interval

>> So this means setting my timeout detection to a higher value in order to give 
>>the Apache resource enough time to start?
>> Would imagine similar to this: In first stages, my heartbeat would hard reset 
>>the server because Corosync didnt start in time.

> Could my monitor constraint on the apache resource be in conflict with
> pingd?

shouldn't be, did you wait long enough for connectivity to return and
the next monitor op to happen?


what would be a good time out 60s? (light starting, typical php box with mysql 

Conf File  - Because my mouse scroller doesn't like to be used for walls of 
text, SysAdmins need only SHIFT + PgUp or PgDown

> ================
> conf
> ====
> primitive pingdnet1 ocf:pacemaker:pingd params host_list=
> name=pingdnet1 op monitor interval=15s timeout=5s
> primitive pingdnet2 ocf:pacemaker:pingd params host_list=
> name=pingdnet2 op monitor interval=15s timeout=5s
> primitive apache lsb::httpd op monitor interval=15s
> location apache-ping-constraint apache rule -inf: not_defined pingdnet1 or
> pingdnet1 lte 0
> location apache-ping-constraint2 apache rule -inf: not_defined pingdnet2 or
> pingdnet2 lte 0
> order ping-then-apache inf: pingdnet1 pingdnet2 apache
> ===============================================
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