[Pacemaker] ClusterMon

Ryan Steele ryans at aweber.com
Mon Dec 6 11:18:30 EST 2010

I think I've found the problem - comments below.

On 12/05/2010 08:26 PM, Ryan Steele wrote:
> Hi folks,


> crm(live)configure# primitive ResourceMonitor ocf:pacemaker:ClusterMon 
> params pidfile="/var/run/crm_mon.pid" htmlfile="/var/tmp/crm_mon.html" 
> extra_options="-T ops at example.com -F 'Cluster Monitor 
> <ClusterMonitor at example.com>' -H smtp.example.com:25 -P '[LDAP 
> Cluster]: Resource Changes Detected'" op monitor interval="10s" 
> timeout="20s"

The issue here is that crm_mon.c uses smtp_set_reverse_path(), which 
expects only a mailbox name, e.g. 'ClusterMonitor at example.com'.  It does 
not appear to accept other variants, such as 'Cluster Monitor 
<ClusterMonitor at example.com>'; doing that results in the entire 
--mail-from argument being interpreted within angle brackets, which 
turns 'Cluster Monitor <ClusterMonitor at example.com>' into <'Cluster 
Monitor' <ClusterMonitor at example.com>'>, which is a malformed sender 

Would the devs find it reasonable to accept a patch that uses something 
like regcomp() to check and see if the argument provided already 
contains a 'From: ', and if so, uses smtp_set_header() instead of 
smtp_set_reverse_path()?  That would maintain backwards compatibility 
with the current style & give one the ability to form more complex From: 
addresses, since smtp_set_header() is passed through unchanged.


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