[Pacemaker] OCF RA dev guide: final heads up

Bob Schatz bschatz at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 14:12:50 EST 2010


Thanks for writing this!

I already found one or two errors related to return codes in my agent based on 
your document. :)

I have not read the entire document but I do have these comments:

1.Does this document apply to all versions of the agent framework or only 
certain versions(hopefully all in one place)?  I think the document should have 
a section which specifies which versions are covered.  Also, if certain areas 
only apply to a certain version then a "Note" should be mentioned in the 

2.    In Section 3.8  OCF_NOT_RUNNING, how can a monitor return 
OCF_FAILED_MASTER?   Is there an environment variable passed to the monitor 
action which says "I think you are a master - tell me if you or are not"?

3.    In Section 5.3 monitor action, it would be nice if you show how a 
OCF_FAILED_MASTER is returned.

4.    Sections 5.8 migrate_to action and 5.9 migrate_from action, do these apply 
to master/slave resources also or only to primitive resources?

5.    Section 5.10 notify action, I think you to want to add a note/reference to 
the Pacemaker Configuration Explained section " Proper Interpretation of 
Notification Environment Variables".  (Section name may be different as I was 
looking at 1.0 from about a year ago).

6.    Section 8.4 Specifying a master preference, starting in at least version 
of Pacemaker it is possible to specify a negative master score.  I think 
it would be good to add this to the example as well as a note about which 
version has this functionality since it was broken in 1.0.6.



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I've heard a few positive and zero negative reviews about the current
OCF resource agent dev guide draft, so I intend to publish a first
released version early next week. It's going to go up on the
linux-ha.org web site initially, and will stay there until it finds a
better home.

If anyone has objections, please let me know.

The current draft is here:

http://people.linbit.com/~florian/ra-dev-guide/ (HTML)
http://people.linbit.com/~florian/ra-dev-guide.pdf (PDF)



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