[Pacemaker] Error when trying to create shadow cib

Michael Hittesdorf michael.hittesdorf at chicagotrading.com
Fri Dec 31 13:11:32 EST 2010

When I try to create a shadow cib I am getting an error. Command output is
as follows:

[root at node1 hittesdm]# crm cib new test
INFO: test shadow CIB created
ERROR: test: no such shadow CIB

If I then try to use the shadow cib Otest¹ that I just created, I get an
error also:

[root at node1 hittesdm]# crm cib use test
ERROR: test: no such shadow CIB

Has anybody seen this problem before? Is this a permissions problem? It
doesn¹t seem likely because I am running as root.

I am new to this list so I was also wondering if there was an easy way to
search the mailing list archives?

Thanks much.  Mick

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