[Pacemaker] monitor operation stopped running

Chris Picton chris at ecntelecoms.com
Tue Dec 14 05:16:22 EST 2010


I have noticed this happening a few times on various of my clusters.
The monitor operation for some resources stops running, and thus
resource failures are not detected.  If I edit the cib, and change
something regarding the resource (generally I change the monitor
interval), the resource starts monitoring again, detects the failure and
restarts correctly

I am using pacemaker 1.0.9 live, and 1.0.10 in test.

This has happened with both clone and non-clone resources.

I have attached a log which shows the behaviour.  I have a resource
(megaswitch) running cloned over 6 nodes.

Until 06:48:22, the monitor is running correctly (the app logs the
"Deleting context for MONTEST-" line when the monitor is run)
After that, the monitor is not run again on this node

I have the logs for the other nodes, if they are needed to try and debug

Chris Picton

Executive Manager - Systems
ECN Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd
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e:  chris at ecntelecoms.com

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