[Pacemaker] pingd location constraints

Simon Jansen simon.jansen1 at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 13 07:27:00 EST 2010


I'm trying to set up location contraints for my cluster, but I don't get
them to work in the way that I want.

The constraints should implement the following behaviour:
- Normal operation
msDRBD0 and resIP0 start on node1, msDRBD1 and resIP1 start on node2
- Loss of network connection
When the network connection to the public network is lost (tested with pingd
resource) the corresponding DRBD resource should failover to the other node.
When the connection comes back again the cluster should go into normal
operation again.

The pingd resource is configured as follows:
primitive resPing ocf:pacemaker:pingd \
  params host_list="node1 node2 standard-gateway" dampen="5s" interval="2"
multiplier="10000" \
  op start timeout="90" op stop timeout="120"
where node1, node2 and standard-gateway stands for the corresponding IP

The definition of the location contraints to bind the DRBD partition to one
location locDRBD0Node1 msDRBD0 \
rule $id="locDRBD0Node1-rule" $role="Master" 1000: #uname eq node1
location locDRBD1Node2 msDRBD1 \
rule $id="locDRBD1Node2-rule" $role="Master" 1000: #uname eq node2
location locIP0Node1 resIP0 \
rule $id="locIP0Node1-rule" 1000: #uname eq node1
location locIP1Node2 resIP1 \
rule $id="locIP1Node2-rule" 1000: #uname eq node2

I tried the following location constraint:
location locDRBD0Ping msDRBD0 rule $role=Master -inf: not_defined pingd or
pingd lte 10000

But with this constraint the cluster does not go into normal operation

Maybe someone has implemented an assimilable configuration.
Thanks for any answers.



Simon Jansen

Simon Jansen
64291 Darmstadt
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