[Pacemaker] How to check resource availability after failover

Marc Wilmots desjter at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 08:53:12 EST 2010

Hi list,

I'm kinda new to Pacemaker and have some questions I hope some of you could
help me with.

First of all, I'm using Heartbeat v2.1.3 with CRM still integrated. If I'm
correct, that must be version 0.6 of Pacemaker.
The reason for using this version is because I am not allowed to install any
applications from source, and version 2.1.3 is the latest version available
in the CentOS repositories. (Does anyone know why?)

My setup is as follows:

2 servers with each 1 Apache httpd to have a Active//Passive high
availability using a virtual IP (IPaddr2).

My problem is the following:

When Pacemaker detects the Apache is not available, it stops the Apache
process and fails over to the backup node. I would like Pacemaker to try to
start the Apache again after some time and check whether it's working
correctly again. If so, then I would like it to move the resources (IP,
Apache) back to the first node, and leave the backup node as passive again.

The only way I found is restarting Heartbeat on the first node so it
actually tries to start Apache again. This is not what I want as it
requieres manual actions.

I've been reading the 0.6 documentation and been searching on Google for
quite some time now, but I can't find the right solution. People with
similar problems were being advised to alter failure_timeout,
cluster_recheck_interval, migration_threshold, etc. but I can't find any
information about that for version 0.6.

That makes me think it's actually not achieve what I need with Pacemaker
0.6, is that so?

Thanks a bunch.
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