[Pacemaker] there is something wrong with crm_node -i?

jiaju liu liujiaju86 at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Dec 1 00:53:09 EST 2010

>>Hi all
>> I use crm_node -i order to check node id. the result is as follow
>> [root at oss1 ~]# crm_node -i
>> 1678456074
>> Unknown option 'i'
>> crm_node - Tool for displaying low-level node information
>> Usage: crm_node command [options]
>> Options:
>> ?-?, --help ??This text
>> ?-$, --version ??Version information
>> ?-V, --verbose ??Increase debug output
>> ?-Q, --quiet ??Essential output only
>> Commands:
>> ?-e, --epoch ??Display the epoch during which this node joined the cluster
>> ?-q, --quorum ??Display a 1 if our partition has quorum, 0 if not
>> ?-l, --list ?(AIS-Only) Display all known members (past and present) of this >>cluster
>> ?-p, --partition ?Display the members of this partition
>> ?-i, --cluster-id ?Display this node's cluster id
>> ?-R, --remove=value?(Advanced, AIS-Only) Remove the (stopped) node with >>the specified nodeid from the cluster
>> Additional Options:
>> ?-f, --force
>> Report bugs to pacemaker at oss.clusterlabs.org

>works fine on 1.0.10

Thank you for your reply, Is thie mean this is the bug of 1.0.8? why my nodeID is only numeral. and no character like you
Thanks??a lot

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