[Pacemaker] 回复: Pacemaker Digest, Vol 36, Issue 102

jiaju liu liujiaju86 at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Nov 30 22:28:09 EST 2010

>>Hi all
>> I use crm_node -i order to check node id. the result is as follow
>> [root at oss1 ~]# crm_node -i
>> 1678456074
>> Unknown option 'i'
>> crm_node - Tool for displaying low-level node information
>> Usage: crm_node command [options]
>> Options:
>> ?-?, --help ??This text
>> ?-$, --version ??Version information
>> ?-V, --verbose ??Increase debug output
>> ?-Q, --quiet ??Essential output only
>> Commands:
>> ?-e, --epoch ??Display the epoch during which this node joined the cluster
>> ?-q, --quorum ??Display a 1 if our partition has quorum, 0 if not
>> ?-l, --list ?(AIS-Only) Display all known members (past and present) of this >>cluster
>> ?-p, --partition ?Display the members of this partition
>> ?-i, --cluster-id ?Display this node's cluster id
>> ?-R, --remove=value?(Advanced, AIS-Only) Remove the (stopped) node with >>the specified nodeid from the cluster
>> Additional Options:
>> ?-f, --force
>> Report bugs to pacemaker at oss.clusterlabs.org

>works fine on 1.0.10

Thank you for your reply, Is thie mean this is the bug of 1.0.8? why my nodeID is only numeral. and no character like you
Thanks  a lot

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