[Pacemaker] resource locations for cloned resources (asymmetric cluster)

Bernd Schubert bs_lists at aakef.fastmail.fm
Fri Aug 27 11:24:21 EDT 2010

> > location l-pingdnet1-mds1 cl-pingdnet1 100: mds1
> > location l-pingdnet1-mds2 cl-pingdnet1 100: mds2
> > location l-pingdnet1-oss1 cl-pingdnet1 100: oss1
> > location l-pingdnet1-oss2 cl-pingdnet1 100: oss2
> > location l-pingdnet1-oss3 cl-pingdnet1 100: oss3
> > location l-pingdnet1-oss4 cl-pingdnet1 100: oss4
> > So it seams it does not accept the location string, but why?
> Good question.
> Could you attach the result of cibadmin -Q when the cluster is in this
> state.

I'm sorry again for that, completely my own fault. This is virtual machine 
test cluster and I recent renamed all host names. But used the old host names 
for the location :( I think we should add a warning message to crm shell if 
location host name is used, which is not defined in the cluster.

Sorry again and thanks for your help,

Bernd Schubert
DataDirect Networks

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