[Pacemaker] clmvd hangs on node1 if node2 is fenced

Michael Smith msmith at cbnco.com
Thu Aug 26 17:03:26 EDT 2010

Xinwei Hu <hxinwei at ...> writes:

> 2010/8/16 Rainer Lutz <rainer.lutz at ...>:
> > Xinwei Hu <hxinwei at ...> writes:

> >> This sounds a like a fixed issue for SLE11SP1 indeed.

> > Well it is not fixed with SP1, but with some Patch after SP1 - don`t know
> > which thou, as the clvmd is the same for SP1 before and after Online Patches.

> That sounds worrying actually.
> I think this is logged as bug 585419 on SLES' bugzilla.
> If you can reproduce this issue, it worths to reopen it I think.

Hi Xinwei,

I think I may be experiencing the same issue. Do you have a link to the bug? I
tried to search for 585419 on https://bugzilla.novell.com, but I'm told "You are
not authorized to access bug #585419."


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