[Pacemaker] error: ocf:heartbeat:IPv6addr: could not parse meta-data

Angelo Höngens a.hongens at netmatch.nl
Wed Aug 25 07:14:21 EDT 2010

On 25-8-2010 8:36, Andrew Beekhof wrote:
> Basically because I left out the libnet dependancy.
> The status of libnet as a viable project has been uncertain lately.

Perhaps there could be a warning in the FAQ about this? The fact that
the binary package misses a very important (to some) module is quite a
nuisance, and it took me a day to figure it out. :-(

After finding it out, it took me another 4 hours to compile the packages
from source, mostly because of my lack of understanding of compiling
stuff and all the problems involved. Not exactly the pleasant experience
I was hoping for, but at last I have the IPv6addr module.

Note to self and other newbies googling:

These are the required packages that I installed on a clean CentOS5.5
box in order to compile everything:

e2fsprogs-devel (not checked for by the configure script!)

libnet-devel is available in the epel repo, to add it, run:

sudo rpm -Uvh

The cluster glue package might not compile because of a warning in
"lib/stonith/main.c". Strangely enough i saw this only on one machine,
after I reinstalled it, this was no longer present. Add
--enable-fatal-warnings=no to the configure statement to go along anyway
if this occurs.

And yes, the compiling of the documentation will take very very long if
you don't have a http proxy in place, because the process will make
hundreds, if not thousands of http requests to
http://docbook.sourceforge.net. In my case, building the resource agents
package took 1.5 hours.


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