[Pacemaker] Simple way to prefer resource groups not start on the same node

Matthew Schlegel MSchlegel at x-iss.com
Tue Aug 24 09:54:58 EDT 2010



I am working on setting up a farm of mysql servers using
heartbeat/pacemaker to control failover and resource location.   Each
particular mysql server is independent, and when resources are
available, it should run on a server that isn't doing anything else for
best performance.   Is there a simple way to express something along the
lines of 'Only run one resource group per node when possible'?   Ideally
this same mechanism can be used to balance the number of resource groups
running on a single node as well.


Currently the environment has 4 nodes and 4 mysql resource groups.   The
design allows for both the resource group & node count to grow
independently as needed.


I was able to get the expected collocation behavior using a collocation
rule with a negative score, however, it looks like I would need a full
matrix of these collocation rules between every resource group, and both
directions are needed.   I tried doing a 'from group to any' rule, but
that didn't have any effect.


I could also use location constraints to have resource groups prefer a
specific node as its 'home', however, that runs the risk of a failure
causing a single node to take the load of any resources running on the
failed node, instead of spreading that load out.


Is there a simple way to build this type of behavior?


Thank you,



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