[Pacemaker] Occasional error running ocf scripts

Chris Picton chris at ecntelecoms.com
Fri Aug 13 05:20:38 EDT 2010

Hi all

I have seen the following behaviour on a few occasions in the past few
months.  It seems as if the resource script get called, but without the
correct OCF_RESOURCE parameters.

Here is an example:

        <primitive class="ocf" id="mount_data" provider="heartbeat"
            <op id="mount_data-monitor-5s" interval="5s"
          <instance_attributes id="mount_data-instance_attributes">
            <nvpair id="mount_data-instance_attributes-device"
name="device" value="/dev/vg0/data"/>
            <nvpair id="mount_data-instance_attributes-directory"
name="directory" value="/srv/mysql/data"/>
            <nvpair id="mount_data-instance_attributes-fstype"
name="fstype" value="ext3"/>

Here is a small excerpt from my logs when a failure like this occurs:

Aug 13 10:58:08 chris-test-01 crmd: [2283]: info: do_lrm_rsc_op:
Performing key=88:35:0:dae24e24-abcd-4a4a-a4a0-39a9ecc114aa
op=mount_data_stop_0 )
Aug 13 10:58:08 chris-test-01 lrmd: [2280]: info: rsc:mount_data:98:
Aug 13 10:58:08 chris-test-01 Filesystem[24682]: [24688]: ERROR: Please
set OCF_RESKEY_device to the device to be managed
Aug 13 10:58:08 chris-test-01 crmd: [2283]: info: process_lrm_event: LRM
operation mount_data_stop_0 (call=98, rc=2, cib-update=120,
confirmed=true) invalid parameter
Aug 13 10:58:09 chris-test-01 attrd: [2282]: info: attrd_trigger_update:
Sending flush op to all hosts for: fail-count-mount_data (INFINITY)

99% of the time, the resource will stop correctly, it is just on a few
occasions that I see an error like this.  

Is this a known problem, or can I generate extra logging to try help


Chris Picton

Executive Manager - Systems
ECN Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd
t:   010 590 0031 m: 079 721 8521
f:   087 941 0813
e:  chris at ecntelecoms.com

"Lowering the cost of doing business"

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