[Pacemaker] rsc_order plus resource_set problem

Michael Fung mike at 3open.org
Sun Aug 8 09:00:37 EDT 2010

Hello again,

I have a long list of resources that must be started in order, so I
followed the "Pacemaker 1.0 Configuration Explained" doc, to write it
like that:

(the constraints scope was originally blank as <constraints />)
        <rsc_order id="order-vzfs">
                <resource_set id="ordered-set-vzfs" sequential="true">
                        <resource_ref id="clone_iscsi_svc"/>
                        <resource_ref id="clone_iscsi"/>
                        <resource_ref id="clone_dlm"/>
                        <resource_ref id="clone_clvm"/>
                        <resource_ref id="clone_o2cb"/>
                        <resource_ref id="clone_vzfs"/>

Then, imported it by:

cibadmin --replace --scope constraints --xml-file order-vzfs.xml

But, pacemaker did not obey the order. And "crm configure show"
said something like "order-vzfs cannot be represented in the CLI
notation". The whole section is displayed with a xml prefix.

I have to revert to the clumsy:

order iscsi-after-iscsi_svc inf: clone_iscsi_svc clone_iscsi
order dlm-after-iscsi inf: clone_iscsi clone_dlm
order clvm-after-dlm inf: clone_dlm clone_clvm
order o2cb-after-clvm inf: clone_clvm clone_o2cb
order vzfs-after-o2cb inf: clone_o2cb clone_vzfs

Any ideas?
pacemaker from debian squeeze.


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