[Pacemaker] error installing CentOS clvm after using clusterlabs repository

Michael Fung mike at 3open.org
Mon Aug 2 22:29:06 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I am using the following repository to install pacemaker and corosync:

  name=High Availability/Clustering server technologies (epel-5)

The cluster is working good.

Later, I want to use clvm, that is the lvm2-cluster package. yum get it
from the CentOS repository, but the dependencies are broken. It seems
the openais package from clusterlabs is different from the CentOS.

I skipped the dependencies and force installed related library files.
Finally I got clvmd to run but it complains:

  Starting clvmd: clvmd could not connect to cluster manager
  Consult syslog for more information

Any ideas please?


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