[Pacemaker] pacemaker for corosync without openais

Alan Jones falancluster at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 20:23:03 EDT 2010

I'd like to configure pacemaker to use corosync without the openais package.
We have our own custom Linux distro, so I'm trying to compile:


The relevent options seem to be:

- configure options for pacemaker: --without-heartbeat-support --with-ais

checking corosync/coroipcc.h usability... yes
checking corosync/coroipcc.h presence... yes
checking for corosync/coroipcc.h... yes
checking for OpenAIS branch... corosync
checking for coroipcc_msg_send_reply_receive in -lcoroipcc... yes
checking for supported stacks...  corosync
  Features                 = ncurses corosync snmp
  Stack Libraries          =  -lcoroipcc

- corosync.conf:

compatibility: none

corosync [MAIN  ] Compatibility mode set to none.  Using V2 of the
synchronization engine.

However, cib won't start.  When I start it by hand I get:

-bash-3.00# /usr/lib64/heartbeat/cib
cib[27290]: 2010/08/02_16:56:45 info: G_main_add_TriggerHandler: Added
signal manual handler
cib[27290]: 2010/08/02_16:56:45 info: G_main_add_SignalHandler: Added signal
handler for signal 17
cib[27290]: 2010/08/02_16:56:45 info: retrieveCib: Reading cluster
configuration from: /ddr/var/lib/heartbeat/crm/cib.xml (digest:
cib[27290]: 2010/08/02_16:56:45 info: startCib: CIB Initialization completed
cib[27290]: 2010/08/02_16:56:45 info: crm_cluster_connect: Unsupported
cluster stack: (null)
cib[27290]: 2010/08/02_16:56:45 CRIT: cib_init: Cannot sign in to the
cluster... terminating

Please advise.
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