[Pacemaker] mount of the same device from 2 nodes

coolpix880 at web.de coolpix880 at web.de
Wed Oct 21 06:41:50 EDT 2009


I am running an active - active cluster (mutual takeover) on RedHat 5.
- 2 Nodes, shared storage
- heartbeat-3.0.0-33.2
- pacemaker-1.0.5-4.1
- stonith
- 2 Oracle Databases for development and production, in failover state both runnung on one node.

I configured a group for a "base", including ip and mountpoints
a group including Oracle Listener and database.
I also configured, orders, preferred locations on this groups and all working fine (mostly).

Twotimes I had a ugly situation in failover -state, because the node running the basegroup before, doesn't stop Oracle, doesn't unmount the Oracle filesystems and the second node mounts it anyway. It is for Oracle databases a disastrous situation, because the filesystems becomes partial distroyed and the databse is in a inconsistent state and needs a recovery of the whole datbase.
Maybe it is a Split Brain situation and stonith should switch of the other node, and I am sure the solution is a better configuration of the cluster. 

Anyway - I am searching with this question a "double bottom", means a second check, if the filesystems still mounted on the other node. I wrote a script for this, but where should I start it? Is there any "precheck" for a resource where I can start a custom script? A precheck for the resource "filesystem"?

Alternative solutions are welcome. So I set the meta attribute multiple-active "stop_only" for all filesystem mounts, but it doesn't work in that situation.

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