[Pacemaker] Openais Question problem

Emil Popov epopov at postpath.com
Mon Nov 30 16:17:43 EST 2009

I have a 26 nodes Openais cluster currently. 
Upon joining a node to the cluster meaning running: /etc/init.d/openais start 
There is the following error observed in the DC Cluster server :
do_cib_control: Could not connect to the CIB service: connection failed
Nov 30 21:17:00 pp0100pun021 crmd: [27990]: WARN: do_cib_control: Couldn't complete CIB registration 17 times... pause and retry
Basically theDC role server starts timing out with the cib... the whole cluster loses control then. 
This appears to happen whenever a node is joined from Offline state to standby or online.
We are using:openais-0.80.5-13.1 
Has anyone observed similar behavior? 
Multicast had been configured on the switch as specified in the Openais guide.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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