[Pacemaker] stonith reboot behavior

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Tue Jun 23 02:24:44 EDT 2009

Hi Dan

Dan Urist wrote:
> My apologies if this is documented somewhere-- I've looked and haven't
> found it.
> What happens if a stonith reboot fails? Does it retry, and if so how
> many times and with what timeout and is that configureable?
> I have some hardware that has a buggy raid card that occasionally can't
> find its boot disk, but works fine after a reset.

I'm afraid stonith can't help you with this.

Stonith is considered successful once your stonith plugin reports
success. It should report that after having reset the machine. Whether
that box reboots correctly is not part of the stonith process.

The shot machine disappears from the cluster and how long it stays in
that status does not matter to the cluster. It does not expect a shot
machine to return to the cluster within a given time (sounds like you
expected that).


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