[Pacemaker] configuring pingd and hbaping with CentOS 5's heartbeat rpms.

Lundgren, Andrew Andrew.Lundgren at Level3.com
Thu Jun 18 02:31:58 EDT 2009


I have read though the pingd section and came up with what I thought would work but I could use another set of eyes I think.

This is what I have come up with:

         <instance_attributes id=" Filesystem_mount _inst_attr">
             <nvpair id=" Filesystem_mount _attr_0" name="device" value="/dev/ExHwRaid10VolGroup/mdt"/>
             <nvpair id=" Filesystem_mount _attr_1" name="directory" value="/mdt"/>
             <nvpair id=" Filesystem_mount _attr_2" name="fstype" value="ext3"/>

       <clone id="pingd-clone">
          <primitive id="pingd" provider="heartbeat" class="ocf" type="pingd">
             <instance_attributes id="pingd-attrs">
                   <nvpair id="pingd-name" name="name" value="pingd-gateway"/>
                   <nvpair id="pingd-dampen" name="dampen" value="5s"/>
                   <nvpair id="pingd-multiplier" name="multiplier" value="1000"/>
                   <nvpair id="pingd-hosts" name="host_list" value=""/>

       <rsc_location id="Gateway-no-connectivity" rsc="Filesystem_mount">
          <rule id="pingd-exclude-rule" score="-INFINITY" >
             <expression id="pingd-exclude" attribute="pingd" operation="not_defined"/>

I also have another location to set a default location.  Without the pingd directive, the preferred location works correctly.  When the pingd directive is present, it doesn’t seem to matter if the restriction is there not.

       <rsc_location id="rsc_location_ Filesystem_mount " rsc="Filesystem_mount">
         <rule id="prefered_location_Filesystem_mount" score="100">
           <expression attribute="#uname" id="prefered_location_ Filesystem_mount _expr" operation="eq" value="hostA"/>

I am guessing
Andrew Lundgren
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