[Pacemaker] failback

Mon Jun 8 17:06:15 EDT 2009

Check if you have something like 
<nvpair id= stickiness  name= default-resource-stickiness  value= INFINITY /> 
In your current <crm_config>
Or similar setting by resources.
The ability to set resource stickiness controls the "fail back on recovery".
If you want your resources to failback on default set:
<nvpair id= stickiness  name= default-resource-stickiness  value= -INFINITY /> 
In object crm_config
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I configured a clone for 4 nodes with inside a group of 30 ipaddr2 resources.

when I reboot a node the group resources are taken by another node but the once

the rebooted node the failed node resources don't go back.

What the settings to do it right ?




Franck Chionna


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