[Pacemaker] ANNOUNCE: pacemaker-mgmt 1.99.2(beta! release)

Yan Gao ygao at novell.com
Mon Jun 29 05:58:06 EDT 2009

Pacemaker-mgmt-1.99.2 is now available. 

Main changes since 1.99.1:
* Support viewing/editing/importing/exporting the whole cib xml or only
the configuration section
* Improve the performance and the UI of "Transition Information"
* Provide more node details
* Optimize message generating for transferring
* UI: 
   - Add accelerators for all of the menu entries.
   - Set default responses of "Enter" key for most dialogs
* Provide version information: 
   - Add "About" for the front-end;
   - Log version details when starting mgmtd daemon
   (So when people file bugs from developerbugs.linux-foundation.org,
they can easily get and provide the hg revision.)
* Bug fixes
   - Avoid hanging when getting cib fails
   - Memory leaks
   - ...

We now have Japanese translation besides Chinese. Hideo did the good

Packages for pacemaker-mgmt 1.99.2 and its dependencies can be  
downloaded from :

(The "python-lxml" and "graphviz-python" dependencies have been removed
from rpms for RHEL and CentOS, because those distributions don't include
the two packages. Even though users will have the same experience once
they get the packages somewhere and install them.)

And the source can be obtained from:

pacemaker-mgmt (1.99.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium
  * Update source tarball to revision: 0cc24125502d tip
  * Statistics:
      Changesets: 49
      Diff:            13 files changed, 4164 insertions(+), 2759

  * Changes since pacemaker-mgmt-1.99.1
  + Dev: haclient: Add "About"
  + Dev: haclient: Add accelerators
  + Dev: haclient: Add Japanese translation
  + Dev: haclient: Improve thread synchronization
  + Dev: haclient: Provide the progress pulse when generating the
transition information
  + Dev: haclient: Set default response for dialogs
  + Dev: haclient: Show progress pulse when generating shadow diff
  + Dev: haclient: Support viewing/editing/importing/exporting the whole
cib xml or the configuration section
  + Dev: mgmt: Improve the performance and the user interface of
"Transition Information"
  + Dev: mgmt: Provide more details of nodes
  + Dev: po: Add the translation of the license
  + Dev: po: Update pot and po
  + High: lib: Fix huge memory leak due to the behavior of swig
  + Low: Build: Add libgv-python dependency for Debian
  + Low: haclient: Avoid an error if there's no pengine input exists
  + Low: haclient: Avoid the possible key error of
  + Low: haclient: Concatenate error messages with the proper type
  + Low: haclient: Consider the possibility of IOError when creating
temporary files
  + Low: haclient: Determine labels's width and align the following
widgets properly
  + Low: haclient: Do not continue updating if the client is
  + Low: haclient: Fill the limited number of transitions into the
drop-down list
  + Low: haclient: Make python-lxml optional
  + Low: haclient: Make sure the variable is assigned before referenced
  + Low: haclient: Make the marks of meta_attributes's default values
  + Low: haclient: Set the default focus on "password" entry in the
login dialog
  + Low: haclient: Set widgets's initial sizes to appropriate values for
low resolutions
  + Low: mgmt: Log version details
  + Low: mgmt: Show its unclean resources if a node is uncleanly offline
  + Low: mgmtd: (LF#2142) Avoid redefinitions
  + Low: mgmtd: Add and adopt a new macro gen_msg_from_fstream()
  + Low: mgmtd: Adopt append_str() macro in on_get_pe_inputs()
  + Low: mgmtd: Can be compiled and work against pacemaker < 1.0.3
  + Low: mgmtd: Optimize for tranferring schemas
  + Low: mgmtd: Optimize message generating for transferring cluster
  + Low: mgmtd: Optimize message generating for transferring crm DTD
  + Low: mgmtd: Optimize message generating for transferring transition
  + Low: mgmtd: Use the variable instead of the macro directly
  + Low: snmp_subagent: Allow specifying the cache timeout through the
argument if not SUPPORT_HEARTBEAT
  + Medium: haclient: Avoid hanging when getting or parsing CIB/schemas
  + Medium: haclient: Do manager.update() via gobject timeout
  + Medium: haclient: Increase the interval of gobject timeout to avoid
consuming excessive CPU when update fails
  + Medium: haclient: Remove the graph when it's no longer needed
  + Medium: haclient: Set gobject timeout for manager.update() in the
consistent way
  + Medium: haclient: Update crm metadata via gobject timeout (Optimize
connecting time)
  + Medium: mgmt: Display the proper status of resources on the node
which is uncleanly offline
  + Medium: mgmtd: Destroy the crmd channel in the end of
  + Medium: mgmtd: Fix memory leaks

 -- Yan Gao <ygao at novell.com>  Mon, 29 Jun 2009 14:05:12 +0800

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