[Pacemaker] operation negations

Thu Jun 18 20:06:54 EDT 2009

Hi, All!

Please help me with the correct negation syntax!

In the documentation there is an example how to build a rule that would forbid running a resource on certain node:

<rsc_location id="dont-run-apache-on-c001n03" rsc="myApacheRsc">
<rule id="dont-run-apache-rule" score="-INFINITY">
<expression id=dont-run-apache-expr attribute="#uname" operation="eq" value="c00n03"/>

My question is - how could we modify the rule so it says "do not run on any node if its uname attribute "IS NOT EQUAL" to ="c00n03"?

Also is there a comprehensive list of permited/implemented operations we can use in rules?

Many Thanks!

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