[Pacemaker] Resources fail to start during single node startup/reboot

Lasantha Marian x72m35 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 10:55:14 EDT 2009


I have a two node cluster setup using Heartbeat 2.99.3/Pacemaker 1.0.2
on an Ubuntu 8.10 server built on two identical Dell 2900 servers.
Basically Heartbeat works as expected. My configuration uses CRM to
manage and DRBD for storages.

I have noticed the following.

If node A is running and when node node B has failed, and then if node A
is rebooted (whilst node B still reaming failed), all the resources on
the node A would not start. Is this the expected behavior ? But I was
expecting node A to bring all resources up even when node B is being
temporarily unavailable. Can this be achieved ?

If both nodes (A and B) are started again, all resources come up correctly.

In the log it mostly shows "WARN: native_color: Resource dr0:1 cannot
run anywhere" and similar.

Any help/explanation is appreciated.

Best regards,

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