[Pacemaker] ANNOUNCE: Pacemaker 1.0.4 now available (maintenance release)

Andrew Beekhof andrew at beekhof.net
Fri Jun 5 07:56:29 EDT 2009

It took a little longer than expected, but the latest 1.0 maintenance  
release (1.0.4) is finally available.

You can read the following in a readable format at:

-- Andrew

Apart from a number of important bug fixes, the latest release is the  
first to include comprehensive man-pages for all CLI tools.  These are  
generated from the source code using help2man (http://www.gnu.org/software/help2man 
) and so are guaranteed to be accurate.

Unfortunately for RHEL and CentOS users, those distros don't ship  
help2man and so the man pages are not available on those platforms.   
However one can obtain the same information using the --help option.

Packages for Pacemaker 1.0 and it's immediate dependancies can be  
downloaded for openSUSE, SLES, Fedora, RHEL, CentOS and Mandriva  
(Debian users read on) from the usual location:

and the source can be obtained from:

General installation instructions are available at:

### Release Statistics

Changesets: 222
Diff:       266 files changed, 12100 insertions(+), 8279 deletions(-)

### Project AdministriviaNext Release
Yours truly will be on vacation for the second half of this month, so  
the next release will be in late July.

#### RHEL-4 Packages
The build issues for RHEL-4 have finally been sorted out and binary  
packages are one again available from the build service.

#### NEW! “Real” Debian Packages
By happy co-incidence, courtesy of Martin Loschwitz from LINBIT, the  
1.0.4 release sees the arrival of a fully functional, “official”,  
repository from which to obtain Pacemaker.

Martin’s work replaces the sort-of-worked-sort-of-didnt packages from  
the openSUSE build service which have now been disabled.

More information is available at:

### Lazy Changelog

   * Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.3
   + High (bnc#488291): ais: don't rely on byte endianness on ptr cast
   + High (bnc#507255): Tools: crm: delete rsc/op_defaults (these  
meta_attributes are killing me)
   + High (bnc#507255): Tools: crm: import properly rsc/op_defaults
   + High (LF 2114): Tools: crm: add support for operation instance  
   + High: ais: Bug lf#2126 - Messages replies cannot be routed to  
transient clients
   + High: ais: Fix compilation for the latest Corosync API (v1719)
   + High: attrd: Don't perform all updates as complete refreshes
   + High: attrd: Support the value++ and value+=... syntax required  
for failcounts
   + High: cib: Fix huge memory leak affecting heartbeat-based clusters
   + High: Core: Allow xpath queries to match attributes
   + High: Core: Generate the help text directly from a tool options  
   + High: Core: Handle differences in 0.6 messaging format
   + High: crmd: Bug lf#2120 - All transient node attribute updates  
need to go via attrd
   + High: crmd: Correctly calculate how long an FSA action took to  
avoid spamming the logs with errors
   + High: crmd: Fix another large memory leak affecting Heartbeat  
based clusters
   + High: lha: Restore compatability with older versions
   + High: PE: Bug bnc#495687 - Filesystem is not notified of  
successful STONITH under some conditions
   + High: PE: Make running a cluster with STONITH enabled but no  
STONITH resources an error and provide details on resolutions
   + High: PE: Prevent use-ofNULL when using resource ordering sets
   + High: PE: Provide inter-notification ordering guarantees
   + High: PE: Rewrite the notification code to be understanable and  
   + High: Tools: attrd - Prevent race condition resulting in the  
cluster forgetting node's wish to shut down
   + High: Tools: attrd - Prevent use-of-NULL
   + High: Tools: crm: regression tests
   + High: Tools: crm_mon - Fix smtp notifications
   + High: Tools: crm_resource - Repair the ability to query meta  
   + Medium (bnc#507255): Tools: crm: handle empty rsc/op_defaults  
   + Medium (bnc#507255): Tools: crm: use the right obj_type when  
creating objects from xml nodes
   + Medium (LF 2107): Tools: crm: revisit exit codes in configure
   + Medium: cib: Don't bother validating updates that only affect the  
status section
   + Medium: Core: Include supported stacks in version information
   + Medium: crmd: Record in the CIB, the cluster infrastructure being  
   + Medium: cts: Don't combine crm_standby arguments - the wrapper  
can't process them
   + Medium: cts: Fix the CIBAusdit class
   + Medium: Extra: Refresh showscores script from Dominik
   + Medium: PE: Build a statically linked version of ptest
   + Medium: PE: Correctly log the actions for resources that are  
being recovered
   + Medium: PE: Correctly log the occurance of promotion events
   + Medium: PE: Implememt node health based on Mark Hamzy's original  
   + Medium: Tools: Add examples to help text outputs
   + Medium: Tools: crm: catch syntax errors for configure load
   + Medium: Tools: crm: implement erasing nodes in configure erase
   + Medium: Tools: crm: work with parents only when managing xml  
   + Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Add option to run custom notification  
program on resource operations (Patch by Dominik Klein
   + Medium: Tools: crm_resource - Allow --cleanup to function on  
complex resources and cluster-wide
   + Medium: Tools: haresource2cib.py - Patch from horms to fix  
conversion error
   + Medium: Tools: Include stack information in crm_mon output
   + Medium: Tools: Two new options (--stack,--constraints) to  
crm_resource for querying how a resource is configured

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