[Pacemaker] Master/Slave Resource and Stop/Start of HA System

Eliot Gable egable at broadvox.com
Thu Jul 23 17:23:03 EDT 2009

Running Pacemaker 1.0.4.

With my Master/Slave resource in Master on node1 and Slave on node2, if I /etc/init.d/heartbeat stop on node2, I see the slave go down and node1 stays master in crm_mon. When it finishes, node2 is in OFFLINE status (no unclean modifier). When I then /etc/init.d/heartbeat start on node2, the MASTER on node1 STOPS and then both node1 and node2 come up in SLAVE and then node1 is promoted to MASTER. Is this supposed to happen? I would have expected the master to stay in master state and node2 to just start in slave and stay that way. I need to be able to restart the slave without impacting the master. If the master goes down or even goes into slave mode, everything is dead. No traffic passes. It is the same as an outage. So, is it my config, or is this normal behavior?

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